DockIQ is the world’s first residential smart dock security system developed for the
marine environment. DockIQ’s Smart Dock System communicates with your mobile app
to monitor your dock, boats, and water level to prevent theft and dock damage with high
resolution motion cameras and other devices.

Connect DockIQ to the internet using your own WIFI or the DockIQ cellular modem
(fees do apply)

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Our software is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to confirm people are in the images and are on your dock. This helps reduce “false positives” -getting alerts on things that are not valid. Any motion detected, triggers the system to sound the siren on the controller, start taking pictures, evaluate the pictures(with AI) and send alert if confirmed. The system will continue to take pictures if the person stays on your dock.

Our Hi-Res camera was designed by our engineers for the marine environment, and have withstood the harshest of storms, motion, and frequent power outages, while maintaining connectivity to the DockIQ platform.

Our cameras have a magnetic mount that allows you quickly pick a spot, mount it and start talking pictures with the DockIQ app. Easily move the camera to another location. The DockIQ platform supports installing multiple cameras on a dock and allows the user to assign a name to each.