Shoreline Steps

Shoreline Steps make getting to your dock much easier as water levels fluctuate. As the water levels drop and your dock needs to be pushed out you may need to set it off the bank which can be difficult as well as climbing down to the bank to access your dock. With a set of shoreline steps pushing the dock out becomes much easier as well as accessing your dock. Add a set of wheels to your dock and wheel tracks to the shoreline steps and bringing the dock back in when the water level rises will no longer be a back breaking job.

All Shoreline Steps Include:

  • Treated Lumber - 6×6 Posts - Landing at the top of the steps

Optional Items:

  • Wheel Tracks - Picket Style Handrails - Toe Boards - Composite Stair Treads - Brazilian Hardwood Stair Treads

Shoreline Steps

Shoreline Steps with handrails and wheel tracks are our most common set of steps built. These steps not only are the most safe way to go but with the wheel tracks make it extremly easy to move your dock in and out with water fluctuation.

Stone Shoreline Steps

Stone Shoreline Steps are a great way to go if you have a small bank and want to keep a very natural look on the shoreline. These shoreline steps are very durable with little to no deterioration over the life of the steps.

Custom Shoreline Steps, Piers and Bridges

If you are in need of something a little different then just a standard set of shorelins steps. You may be in need of a set of steps with one or multiple landings. You may need a pier built instead of shoreline steps. Or you may need a bridge built to go over a trench or water run off on your propert. Marine Specialties can build whatever i is that you need.