UltraLift Series

HydroPort Series

HydroLocker 78″

Boat and Dock Protection


UltraLift Push Button Triton Series Control Replacement Videos

UltraLift Gen.1 Control Operation

(Manufactured before August 2020)

HPSeries PWC Platforms

How To Load & Launch HPSeries PWC Platforms

How to Drive On and Launch a PWC

UltraLift Manual Valve Controls

UltraLift Standard 1 Valve 1 Motor Control Operation

UltraLift Standard 2 Valve 1 Motor Control Operation

UltraLift High-Performance 2 Valve 2 Motor Control

UltraLift Standard 3 Valve 2 Motor Control Operation

General How To Videos for Boat Lifts

If Your Lift Will Not Raise

How to Winterize Your Boat Lift – Post Season

How to Use Guide Ropes

Prep Your Boat Lift for a New Season – Pre-Season

What to Do if Your Boat Lift Leaks Down